Subscription Terms

1. Agreement (Subscription)

This document contains Subscription fee Rent Small Small’s general property subscription terms and is applicable to all persons booking a property on Rentsmallsmall platform. A personalized property engagement agreement will be prepared between Rentsmallsmall and a prospective Subscriber which will include the general terms and specific terms which characterize the property a subscriber reserves for his subscription.


2. Subscription fee confirmation by Owner

A prospective subscriber of a property listed on the RentSmallSmall Platform is required to provide certain documents for verification purposes within 24 hours of reserving a property for subscription. The move-in date may be extended where a Subscriber is unable to present the required document within the above stipulated time. Upon a satisfactory verification process, the property owner shall confirm the subscription of the property as reserved by the prospective subscriber. No person other than the property owner or his appointed agent may confirm or decline the subscription of a property reserved by a prospective Subscriber. Where a property owner declines a property reservation made by a prospective Subscriber, the property subscription will be cancelled immediately and the prospective subscriber may elect to let another property on the Platform or claim a full refund of all monies advanced via the Platform for the Subscription. Where a User provides invalid documents for any process on the Platform, Rentsmallsmall shall reject such invalid documents and extend the Move-in date for re-submission of the required documents by the User. The subscription of the reserved property will not be cancelled by Rentsmallsmall, however the Move-in date will be extended for up to 15 days to enable the User provide all the required documents as all documents shall be provided by the User no later than 48 hours before the Move-in date. In the event where a User is an existing Subscriber desirous to move into another listed property, the terms relating to documentation and property owner verification shall apply. However, where a listed property does not require property owner verification prior to Move-in by a Subscriber, the standard documentation procedure above shall apply.

3. Notice Period & Minimum Stay

A Subscriber may terminate a property subscription agreement only in accordance with the terms of the personalised subscription agreement between the Subscriber and the Property Owner or his duly authorised agent. However, an early termination of the property subscription agreement by a Subscriber will attract a termination penalty. A Subscriber who terminates a property subscription before the full term of the Subscription will forfeit the Security Deposit paid as well as unused subscription fee already paid for the month in which the Subscriber terminates. Properties listed on the Platform are available for subscription for the under-listed terms;

  • 1 month
  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 9 months and
  • 12 months

Upon termination of a property subscription, the Subscriber is obliged to pay all outstanding subscription fees, service charges, rates, any penalties accrued in respect of late payment of subscription fee, property maintenance charges and such other amounts accrued over the property which remained unpaid at the date of termination.

4. Security Deposit

The Security Deposit is a financial guarantee given by Subscriber to the property owner/legal representative against breach of Subscription, damages to the property, and outstanding payment on the property. The Security Deposit is calculated on the basis of one month or two months of subscription fee as stated on the property details subscription fee over the demised property. A prospective Subscriber will pay the Security Deposit to RentSmallSmall before the commencement of the property subscription in accordance with the property subscription agreement. Where a prospective subscriber fails to pay the Security Deposit, the property reservation process will not be complete and can thus not move into the property nor pay subscription fee in respect of the selected property. Where an existing Subscriber chooses to move into another property listed on the Platform, but with a higher subscription value, the difference between the current fee subscription fee payable by the Subscriber and the new property will be paid to RentSmallSmall to update the Security Deposit. The same procedure will apply where a Subscriber elects to move into a property with a lesser subscription value. Deposit Payment Terms

  • Subscriber needs to pay one month or two months of subscription fee as security deposit.
  • Subscriber is required to pay the full security deposit, at the time of booking
  • The security deposit paid is stated in the Subscription Agreement.
  • An eviction security deposit as stated in the Subscription Agreement
  • Security deposits must be paid online or via transfer along with the subscription fee.

In the case where a subscriber chooses to make an internal transfer or upgrade his/her current subscription fee type, the difference in the amount of security deposit will be expected to be paid by the subscriber before him/her making the actual transfer. In case the new subscription fee is lower, the difference in Naira is adjusted against the following month’s Subscription fee.

Subscription Start Date, Subscription fee Payment, Late Payment and subscription fee Inclusions Policy

5. Subscription Start Date

The property subscription will commence on the selected start date, provided the Move-in date selected will not be earlier (or later) than the Subscription Start Date. Any adjustments relating to the Subscription Start Date must be made no later than 48 hours before the selected Subscription Start Date for a maximum of 7 days, while the Move-in date may be adjusted only by approval from Rentsmallsmall. Where a Subscriber elects to move into the property before the Subscription Start Date, the Subscription Start Date shall be adjusted to meet the move-in date provided that the Property is ready to be inhabited. A Subscriber must schedule a move-in date at least two days before the desired move-in date. Where a move-in date is not selected, the Subscription Start Date shall be deemed the move-in date.

6. Payment Terms

The subscription fee on the demised property is payable in advance no later than 3 days after the expiration of the last subscription fee paid. Where a Subscriber fails to pay the subscription fee sum as stated above, the subscription fee penalty will apply.

7. Late payment charges

Where a Subscriber fails to pay his subscription fee in accordance with the Payment terms, this clause will apply:

  1. The Subscriber is liable to pay subscription fee monthly from the Commencement Date, and any subscription fee sum left unpaid 2 days after the subscription fee becomes due shall be subject to a late payment penalty of N3,000 (Three Thousand Naira) per day of default
  2. The Subscriber shall be granted a 2-day grace period from the date the monthly subscription fee falls due after which a daily default penalty of N3,000 (Three Thousand Naira) shall be charged on the Property.
  3. The Subscriber further acknowledges that the Legal Representatives may commence eviction procedures where the outstanding subscription fee inclusive of the penalty fees remain unpaid 2 days after 3 days of default.
  4. Where the Subscriber pays only a portion of his subscription fee on the date it becomes due, the penalty fees shall still apply as stated in paragraph (3) above.
  5. Where the Subscriber fails, neglects or refuses to pay the penalty fees, the corresponding amount shall be deducted from the Security Deposit paid at the commencement of the License.
  6. Every subscriber is obligated to pay an Eviction Security Deposit (ESD) which shall be equivalent of Two Hundred Thousand Naira (N200,000.00) only or one month subscription fee equivalent- whichever is higher in value and ESD be refundable only after the effluxion of the term or termination of the agreement and the successful handover/vacant possession of the property to the Legal Representative or property owner without any delays, hold over or continuous possession by the subscribers.

In any event of default or where the subscriber breaches any term of this agreement or any clauses with regards to payment of subscription fee, service charges or the handover of vacant possession of the property at the termination of the subscription, he/she shall forfeit the eviction security deposit which shall be utilised and deployed to the recovery of premises.

  • Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annually subscription fee (payment plan as stated in the Subscription Agreement)
  • Service charges (If property is serviced, and services and terms as stated in Subscription Agreement)
  • Furnishing & Appliance charges (If selected from Offer and Packages on Rentsmallsmall platform and as stated in Subscription Agreement)

8. Your subscription fee does not cover

  • Monthly PHCN Electricity Charges
  • Service Charges (If property is self-serviced as stated on Subscription Agreement)
  • Anything not mentioned in the “Your Subscription Fee Covers” section and not covered in the “Subscription Agreement”

9. Credit Report Search

Every subscriber is obligated to give consent to the legal representative to request a credit search or obtain the credit report of the subscriber and shall have or/and exercise the right to report and publish the name and relevant details of the defaulting subscriber to the licensed credit bureau.

10. General

All non-structural issues discovered later than 7 days after the Move-in date in a self-serviced demised property shall be borne by the Subscriber. Rentsmallsmall shall not be responsible for the maintenance of any furniture and appliances fitted in the demised property, although the maintenance services may be provided by Rentsmallsmall on the Subscriber’s account.

11. Payment Options

A prospective Subscriber may make all subscription fee payments via Online payment, Debit card/Credit card payment, Direct deposit to the RentSmallSmall account or by Direct Debit instruction on the Subscriber’s account.

12. Cancellation before Subscription Start Date

A prospective Subscriber may make all subscription fee payments via Online payment, Debit card/Credit card payment, Direct deposit to the RentSmallSmall account or by Direct Debit instruction on the Subscriber’s account.

13. Verification

A prospective Subscriber may make all subscription fee payments via Online payment, Debit card/Credit card payment, Direct deposit to the RentSmallSmall account or by Direct Debit instruction on the Subscriber’s account.

14. Refund Mode

All refund shall be processed via cheque or online transfer. Where cash payment is made in respect of the subscribed property by a Subscriber, any refund due to such Subscriber shall be made within 5 working days after obtaining the bank details of the said Subscriber is made through cash, it shall take up to 5 working days to process the refund after obtaining the bank account details from the subscriber. Where the property reservation is made online, it will take up to 5 working days to process the refund. Actual receipt of the money is subject to payment gateway refund processing time line.

15. Move-out/ Move-in policy

Move-in date can be rescheduled to any day as long as it is after Subscription Start Date.

  • If the subscriber decides to move-in before Subscription Start Date then the Subscription Start Date will be preponed to the move-in date. The subscription fee shall be calculated according to the Subscription Start Date clause.
  • If the move-in date is postponed the subscription fee will start as per the Subscription Start Date clause and the utility charges and other charges such as service will be charged from Subscription Start Date
  • To move-in on a particular date, it is mandatory to schedule a move-in 2 days before the move-in date.
  • Verification is mandatory before move-in. One can verify their eligibility by uploading their id and proof of income. The subscribers will not be able to schedule the move in (date and time) unless profile details are completed and documents are complete (documents uploaded and verified).
  • Subscriber needs to schedule his move-in prior to actual moving into the house.
  • Soft copy of agreement shall be served to the subscriber 2 days before move-in and a signed soft copy shall be returned to Rentsmallsmall on or before move-in date.
  • Move out needs to be initiated by the subscriber.
  • Subscriber needs to ensure his presence on the scheduled move out date else the damages, if any, listed by the inspection team would be considered final.
Move out date

The Subscriber can move out any time before the Subscription end date. The move out date can be any day on or before the subscription end date. The Subscriber shall select the move out date to facilitate proper handover of keys to the property, move out inspection, move out agreement etc. can be handled accordingly. Failure of the above will lead to an automatic forfeiture of a subscriber’s security deposit.

16. Rescheduling

Move out date may be postponed by the Subscriber, up to a maximum of 7 days from the Subscription end date.

17. Cancellation of move out request

Move out request may be cancelled up to one day before scheduled move out date subject to availability and where the property is unavailable, then the subscriber may request for an internal transfer.

18. Keys Policy

Keys for the main door of the property and all rooms are provided to all subscribers. Keys to the main door of the property and all rooms are provided to all Subscribers. On losing the keys, the subscriber can make a duplicate key by himself/herself or pay a fee for replacement. The Subscriber must return all keys and access cards of the premises to Rentsmallsmall at the termination of this agreement.

19. Inter House/Area Movement Policy

Following charges shall be applicable for subscribers opting for an internal transfer within the same house: Any internal transfer within the same house from booking date up to move-in date incurs zero charges. Any internal transfer within the same house after move-in date incurs 50% of the current monthly subscription fee. "Internal Transfer Request" shall be made by sending an email to [email protected]. Once the “Internal Transfer Request” is accepted, notification will be sent to subscribers via email and charges will be applicable irrespective of whether the subscriber wants to proceed with internal transfer or not. No additional charges are applicable except for the difference in security deposit, where necessary. Following charges shall be applicable for subscribers opting for an internal transfer to a different fee house or area: Any transfer from Booking Date Up to Move In Date incurs zero charges. Any transfer after move-in date incurs 100% of the current monthly subscription fee. "Transfer Request" shall be made by sending an email to [email protected]. Once the "Transfer Request" is accepted, notification will be sent to subscribers via email and charges will be applicable irrespective of whether the subscriber wants to proceed with transfer or not. No additional charges are applicable except for the difference in security deposit, if present.

20. Guest Hosting Policy (Open Guest Hosting)

Rentsmallsmall has an open guest policy, but if you’re living in a shared house or block of flats, you need to be responsible and considerate about your co-subscribers when you host your guests. So, here are a few initiatives you can take to make this peaceful.

  • Have a word with your co-subscriber about your little gig and get their consent.
  • Have it recorded, (it could be a simple message on SMS, Whatsapp, or anything, essentially something you can use as proof) so that there is no blame game, should there be any consequences in the future.
  • As you must be aware, Rentsmallsmall partners with certain estates that are governed by policies of the Estate Association. Make sure you take recorded consent of the estate association in addition to that of the co-subscriber if hosting a party or event in your flat. We believe in having fun responsibly. Please avoid the risks of mishaps so that you don’t get into a position you don’t want to be in. Also, in case of financial losses incurred, you will sadly have to bear it.

21. Policy for Keeping Pets

Pets are only allowed in the properties with profile that states “Pet Friendly” filter on the listing. Rentsmallsmall will not be liable for the upkeep of the pet or in the event any damage/ harm is caused to any co-subscriber, guest or co-subscriber’s pet. Also, the owner of the pet will be liable to pay the cost of any damage caused to the property, co-subscriber or guest due to their pet.

22. Safety and Security (Theft and Damage Policy)

Personal Belongings

The Subscriber shall be responsible for his/her belongings in the scheduled premise and neither the owner, Rentsmallsmall nor its vendors shall be held liable/ responsible for the same.

Home Furnishing

In the case of theft/loss and damage of any furnishing or appliance or furniture in the house, the subscribers staying at the scheduled premises at that point of time shall be held responsible. A reasonable sum shall be deducted from the security deposit of subscribers towards compensation of the loss/ theft and damage or an amount as mentioned in cancellation & refund policy. In case the recovery amount exceeds the security deposit, the subscribers shall be liable to pay the amount. For general maintenance Rentsmallsmall may keep a copy of the keys of your house and for shared houses, Rentsmallsmall may show houses to other subscribers hence, we advise you to keep your valuables locked inside the cupboards & never leave them unattended in open places. We shall not be responsible for any theft or accidental damage to your valuables in case of an untoward incident.

23. Job Status

A subscriber is mandated to inform Rentsmallsmall of a change in their job status. This will ensure our verification records are up to date.