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Why do I need to pay security deposit?
A security deposit serves as a means to replace or fix something in you unit that was damaged, lost or stolen
When do I pay my subscription fee?
Subscription fee can be paid upon identification of a property of choice and subsequently on the agreed due date. A subscriber can make payment of subscription fee depending on the payment option chosen e.g. monthly or quarterly, after your agreed contract start date as stipulated in your agreement/ and subsequently at such time on or before your due date.
When can I move in?

a subscriber can move in when the state of apartment is confirmed, payment is made and the subscription agreement is signed.

When can I move out?

You can move out at the end of your subscription period after all outstanding have been cleared, if any and at any time subject to company policies.

What happens when I lose the keys to my apartment
You would be required to pay for replacement.
What happens if I pay my subscription fee late?

You will be charged a late subscription of N3000 per day of default, in which case, non-payment of subscription fee when due can be a ground for the termination of your subscription or eviction.

Can I make deductions from my subscription fee?
Subscription fee can be paid upon identification of a property of choice and subsequently on the agreed due date. A subscriber can make payment of subscription fee depending on the payment option chosen e.g. monthly or quarterly, after your agreed contract start date as stipulated in your agreement/ and subsequently at such time on or before your due date.
Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription. RSS will refund the security deposit paid by the subscriber where there are no damages or outstanding fees. This is payable once we receive a one-month notification from you. If there is unused subscription fee, RSS will reserve fifty percent (50%) of the balance subscription fee to be paid to the subscriber.

Do I get a refund?

No, you do not get a refund except for the instances mentioned above.

Can I change apartments?
You can change your apartment where there is an existing and available alternative or choice, you may be required to make additional payments to mark up your subscription fee and security deposit of the new property depending on the new rate of the new/alternate property.
Can I host guests in my apartment?
You are allowed to host a guest for not more than 3 days, after which you will be in breach of our policy.
Can I keep a pet in my apartment?

It depends on the property. There are certain properties where pets are not allowed, in which case, you cannot keep a pet. However, in properties where pets are allowed, you are required to sign our pet policy and adhere to our pet policy and pay the refundable 50k. Pets are only allowed in the properties with profile that states “Pet Friendly” filter on the listing on the platform. RSS will not be liable for the upkeep or responsibility of the pet or in the event any liability, damage/ harm is caused to any co-subscriber or co-subscriber’s pet. Also, the owner of the pet will be liable to bear the cost of any liability or damage caused to any co-subscriber, neighbors, guest or the property due to their pet.

Whats the policy on safety & security?

the security of our subscribers is important to us. In other to safe guard the lives and property of our subscribers and clients, subscribers are advised to be security conscious whilst the company has entrusted and outsourced the security of the properties to professional, reliable and reputable security companies.

What happens if there is theft & damage in my apartment?

In the event of a theft, vandalism, and/or burglary, you'll need to contact the police as soon as possible. You can engage our Facility manager to assist with aiding the process.


In the case of theft or loss of any furnishing or appliance or furniture in the property, the subscribers staying at the scheduled premises at that point of time shall be held responsible. The subscriber have the right to report such theft to the security of the property or to the appropriate authority for investigation.

A reasonable sum shall be deducted from the security deposit of subscribers towards compensation of the loss/ theft and damage or an amount as mentioned in cancellation & refund policy. In case the recovery amount exceeds the security deposit, the subscribers shall be liable to pay the amount.

For general maintenance RSS may keep a copy of the keys of your house. And for shared houses, RSS may show houses to other subscribers hence, we advise existing subscribers to keep your valuables locked inside their respective apartments/rooms or cupboards and never leave them unattended to in open places.

We shall not be responsible for any theft or accidental damage to your valuables in case of an untoward incident.

Eviction Security Deposit

Every subscriber is obligated to pay an Eviction Security Deposit of Two Hundred Thousand Naira (N200,000.00) only or one-month subscription fee equivalent- whichever is higher in value which shall be refundable only after the effluxion of the term or termination of the agreement and the successful handover/vacant possession of the property to the Legal Representative or property owner without any delays, hold over or continuous possession by the subscribers. Any breach of any term of the agreement or other clauses with regards to termination or the handover of vacant possession of the property, he/she shall forfeit the eviction security deposit and deployed to the recovery of premises.

Payment date

This is the date when all subscribers are obligated to promptly make payment of all statutory fees which includes the subscription fee, service charges and all other fees on or before the 5th day of every month for the duration of the term. Where the subscriber fails to make payment, it will disrupt services, which we recommend against.

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How do I get verified subcribers for my property?

RSS carries out verification on every prospective subscriber in the form of credit worthiness, sustainable source of fund and guarantee from a guarantor.

What happens when a subcriber defaults?
when a subscriber defaults, the following processes will be initiated against them:

1.) The defaulter's guarantor will be contacted
2.) The defaulter’s employer will be contacted
3.) The defaulter will no longer be eligible to subscribe our listed properties from RSS in the future
4.) The defaulter's information will be reported to the credit bureau.
5.) The defaulter will be denied access to power, water, and other provided services
6.) The defaulter will be denied access to the property.
7.) The eviction process would be initiated against the defaulter
Do you collect a security deposit?

RSS collects a security deposit and holds it in escrow.

Is your eviciton process similar to traditional real estate?
No, it is different and contingent on the agreement signed between the parties which is binding.
When do I receive my subscription fee?

depending on the arrangement, you will be receiving a subscription fee or any such monies due and payable on a pre-arranged date or between 24- 48 hours after receipt of payment from subscribers

Who manages my property?
RSS can manage your property in the event that is agreed- Your property is managed by the facility management arm of RSS called RS2. In the event where RSS is not the facility manager of the property, the property shall be managed by facility managers of your choice and so appointed.
How does RentSmallsmall determine subscription fee of my property?
Subscription fee for your property is determined by on going rate of the area, the type of property, amenities provided.
Who manages move-in & move-out of subscribers?
Move in and move out is handled primarily by our able and friendly facility managers who will welcome and get you settled in or assist to help you move out.
Who manages legal & documenation?
Legal and representation is handled by RSS internal and external lawyers.