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What is Security deposit?

A security deposit serves as a means to replace or fix something in your unit that was damaged, lost or stolen

Why do I need to pay security deposit?

A security deposit serves as a means to replace or fix something in your unit that was damaged, lost or stolen

When do I pay my subscription fee?

Subscription fee can be paid upon identification of a property of choice and subsequently on the agreed due date. A subscriber can make payment of subscription fee depending on the payment option chosen e.g. monthly or quarterly, after your agreed contract start date as stipulated in your agreement and subsequently at such time on or before your due date.

Can I make deductions from my subscription fee?

Subscribers are not allowed or permitted to make deductions from subscription fee, service charges or from any payment due. Deductions from your subscription fees is a breach of your contract and can lead to termination of the agreement.

What happens if I request a refund after making a payment as a prospective subscriber?

If you request a refund after making a payment, please be aware that a 20% charge on the entire fee will apply. In addition to this, once an agreement has been signed, the contract is binding.

Are there any conditions under which I won’t receive a refund?

Yes, once an agreement is signed, a complete forfeiture of the fee will be enforced, and no refund will be granted.

Do I get a refund?

No, you do not get a refund except for the instances mentioned above.

Can I cancel my subscription?

A subscriber who intends to cancel their subscription will lose their security deposit if they cancel their subscription before their subscription ends.

What does verification & other requirements for subscription mean?

We put our clients through a verification process and for this they’d be required to provide a valid ID, 4 months worth of bank statement, employment/business information as well as personal details.

Will I pay for property inspection?

At Rent SmallSmall, We do not charge for inspection, no matter how many properties you desire to inspect!

How do I schedule to inspect a property I like on RentSmallSmall?

When you find the unit you like, you fill out the inspection request form found at the bottom of each link, you get a confirmation email and our agents get in touch with you within 24-48 hours. If you see the unit and like it, you apply for verification, if successful, you make payments, get your agreement and move in

Security deposit fund?

Every subscriber is obligated to pay a Security Deposit Fund which shall be refundable only after the effluxion of the term or termination of the agreement and the successful handover/vacant possession of the property to the Legal Representative or property owner without any delays, hold over or continuous possession by the subscribers. In any event of default or where the subscriber breaches any term of this agreement or any clauses with regards to payment of subscription fee, service charges or the handover of vacant possession of the property at the termination of the subscription, he/she shall forfeit the security deposit which shall be utilized and deployed to the recovery of premises (Eviction).

Service charge deposit?

Every subscriber is obligated to pay a sum as published on the RentSmallSmall platform which is referred to as service charge deposit. This sum will be utilized by the subscriber/resident for the period or time interval which the deposit shall be enough to cover. After the initial service charge deposit, the subscriber agrees to always pay/top up the service charge as at when due to keep enjoying and utilizing the services. A service charge report shall be made available to the subscriber/residents on a monthly basis reflecting consumption and expenses for the month.