Rent apartment in Lagos with flexible monthly payment
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Lease your property with no worries
Easier Management of your property as well as tenants who are verified and vetted by us to eliminate issues and stress
What to expect from us
Subscriber ( tenant ) Management
Vetted Subscriber
Only the most qualified and credible tenants are entrusted to live in your property.
Subscription payment Collection
Our property owners (Landlords) receive their monthly subscription payment timely and with ease
Vetted homes
We manage the whole lifecycle of our subscribers from property inspection and everything in between through to move-in & move-out.
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Facility Management
General maintenance
You enjoy an overall management of not just your property, but the tenants who have been verified and vetted to occupy it!
In order to ensure the safety of the subscribers (tenants) as well as to keep intruders away from the property, we station security personnel to guard the property.
Track pay-ins & payouts
With our user friendly dashboard, you can check and track pay out made to you in real time.
KYC of Subscribers
You can view basic information about the subscribers (tenants) occupying your property and their rating.
Get reports
With this unique feature, you get updated reports about your property status, payment history, property maintenance reports etc
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We are proud of some of our numbers
In line with our goals of organzing the property rental market and providing affordable housing, we make it a duty to celebrate our every breakthrough.
18 Locations
24,000 Monthly stays
0.1% Rental defaults
Here's a list of the most common property owner questions. If you can't find an answer to your question, please don't hesitate to reach out to us
How do I get verified subcribers for my property?
RSS carries out verification on every prospective subscriber in the form of credit worthiness, sustainable source of fund and guarantee from a guarantor.
What happens when a subcriber defaults?
When a subscriber defaults, our eviction processes will be initiated against them
Do you collect a security deposit?
RSS collects a security deposit and holds it in escrow
Who manages my property?
Ready to partner with us?
We provide an end to end solution that manages the lifecycle of subscribers