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What happens when a subscriber defaults?

when a subscriber defaults, the following processes will be initiated against them: 1.) The defaulter's guarantor will be contacted 2.) The defaulter’s employer will be contacted 3.) The defaulter will no longer be eligible to subscribe our listed properties from RSS in the future 4.) The defaulter's information will be reported to the credit bureau. 5.) The defaulter will be denied access to power, water, and other provided services 6.) The defaulter will be denied access to the property. 7.) The eviction process would be initiated against the defaulter

Do you collect security deposit?

RSS collects a security deposit and holds it in escrow.

Is your eviction process similar to traditional real estate?

No, it is different and contingent on the agreement signed between the parties which is binding.

Who manages move-in & move-out of subscribers?

Move in and move out is handled primarily by our able and friendly facility managers who will welcome and get you settled in or assist to help you move out.