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Why I Rent Monthly

Every rental agreement has its peculiarities, even more so, a reason for the choice of property. Some people in this day and time prefer flexible options that accommodate their job type, income range, lifestyle choices and ease of exit, seeing as they are mostly mobile and have short term accommodation needs. People usually opt for choices that give them a higher advantage in every new phase of their lives. The traditional renting system follows a yearly routine of upfront payment, which is subscribed to by both property owners and home seekers alike. Once payment is made, another 12-month cycle begins. While this is a point to reckon, there’s the option of monthly rental, tailor fitted into your monthly income and rental budget plan. It is no longer news that financial literacy is an integral part of wealth development in the 21st century. This knowledge aids in the development of pathways which help you save for the future, investing time and resources in productive engagements. In recent times, monthly rental is not just a key promoter of financial literacy but also fast becoming the next big thing in the world of real estate. These people have experienced it and had a few things to say:

Amarachi: Most times, due to certain circumstances, I can’t save bulk sums of money to afford an upfront payment for yearly rental, coupled with all the charges that come with inspection and finally picking a place that helps me have a closer relationship with my clients. One time, my former landlord increased the rent by over 40% and I couldn’t save up the extra to balance the payment. It was a real struggle and caused me severe heart ache, as I was going into depression. Choosing monthly rental with Rentsmallsmall, pretty much saved my life. With less pressure and a more relaxed payment plan, I had enough time to save up for the coming months and I have never been late on my payment.

Peter: As a structural engineer, I travel round for work in some of the most unlikely places and accommodation, most often, is a cause for concern. My engagements are mostly scheduled to last for some months but never an annual commitment. Finding an apartment which the property owner or caretaker is open to monthly payment is usually a huge relief. I enjoy the flexibility that comes with it, also there’s no fear of spending more money for a place that I won’t need after some time. Even when I was doing a major renovation for a client’s house, I introduced them to a property company that offer temporary accommodation and accepted monthly payment.

Anna:  I and my husband had just moved into the country and were looking to buy a house in a certain area but more importantly for us, we wanted to live in our area of choice before we bought a house and it was absolutely unnecessary to wait a whole year before we made that happen. Being cautious people, we wanted to explore the neighborhood, social amenities, road access amongst other things before making a full-time commitment. Don’t mind us, we can be quite finicky. After checking a couple of places which didn't quite fit what we needed, Rentsmallsmall, a prop-tech company came to our rescue, helping us get an apartment just within our budget and easing our curiosity.

For different reasons, people don’t like staying in some areas for extended periods of time. Monthly rentals offer a lot of opportunities that yearly rentals may not, ranging from temporary living to budget housing. Would you rent monthly?