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Landlord bragging rights from as low as 4,000 naira

In four years, you can own a full property when you buy property shares from as low as N4,000, starting today. Buysmallsmall’s property shares paves way for easy homeownership, no matter your earning status. The more property shares you buy, the closer you are to owning your dream home and the gist gets better. You get to enjoy returns which you can easily cash out or better still, invest in more shares. This is the clear case of letting your money work for you. The difference in financial status across the economic ladder isn’t just the ability to keep money but majorly imbibing the attitude that will help you grow money.

Having bragging rights to property ownership is a different feeling entirely. No matter the fraction you own, you are a landlord. When you sign up, you get a personalized dashboard with which you can track all your earnings. On purchase of property shares, you will get a shares certificate which validates your property ownership. You can also expand your shares portfolio, using the referral code on your dashboard, when you share the good news about Buysmallsmall's Co-ownership plan. For every 10 shares a person buys, you get 1 free share when your referral code is used. 

Buysmallsmall’s Co-ownership is not to be mistaken for a crowdfunding platform and here’s why:

A.      Your money is not used to purchase land, commence construction or fund a new acquisition of property, rather you are buying shares of properties that Buysmallsmall has already secured ownership.

B.      Properties are held by an independent trustee to ensure that your interest is well protected. We own shares in the properties as well because we are heavy on trust and we need you to now that we committed to grow with you, all the way.

C.      Access to emergency cash doesn’t have to be difficult. We can buy your shares without you having to wait for other co-owners.

Let Buysmallsmall help you achieve your dream of becoming a homeowner in 4 years or less. Buy or stock up property shares, starting today. It is really that easy. You can also empower friends and loved ones on their homeownership journey by gifting them property shares from your gift basket, straight from your dashboard. If you need a help to set up a shares target plan, we will be more than happy to help you through it.

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